Estate Planning

It is crucially important that all adults, young, old, or in-between, have well-drafted and carefully considered estate and incapacity planning documents. These documents ensure that (1) your loved ones have the proper paperwork and documentation to be able to handle your affairs and make decisions for you upon your death or incapacity and (2) that YOU choose who serves in specific roles for you. We recommend that you have three very important documents in place (1) an Advance Directive for Health Care, (2) a Durable Financial Power of Attorney, and (3) a Last Will & Testament. The Advance Directive for Health Care and Durable Power of Attorney are incapacity planning documents and dictate who will be making key decisions for you in the event that you are still living but unable. The Last Will & Testament is your estate planning document and dictates who is in charge of your estate, who is serving in certain roles, and how your property is distributed after your death. For some of our clients we use Trusts (both revocable and irrevocable) as their estate planning documents to accomplish other goals such as asset protection or avoiding Probate.

Our attorneys can help you put together your estate plan to protect yourself, your loved ones, and ensure your property is distributed in the way you want it to be.

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