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4 Tips to Increase Your Brand Engagement on Facebook

Facebook’s algorithm may be a secret, but the fact it’s always changing is definitely not a secret. After spending all that time to get people to like your page, only a small fraction of them are actually seeing your posts – which isn’t doing much for your engagement levels. Is boosting your posts the only option?

We have good news! It’s not your only option (though it definitely helps get your posts more visibility). There are ways that you can create more engagement and views organically. We’ve assembled four tips for you to help you get a jump start on getting the most out of your brand’s Facebook page.

4 Tips To Increase Your Brand Engagement On Facebook

Use Images

When it comes to likes, comments, and shares, did you know that images outperform every other type of content on Facebook? Facebook tends to show updates containing images to more of the individuals who have liked your page, which means more likes – and more likes means that Facebook will show that content to even more of your fanbase. Why? Because it deems that content to be something that people want to see because they’re engaging with it.

Text updates rarely will see the same level of engagement as any update which has a visual companion, whether it be an image, a video or even a link. However, the sweet spot for Facebook definitely seems to be images. Try to use at least one or two with every update.

Tell Your Fans About Notifications

Once you’ve liked a page on Facebook, did you know that you can get notifications every time they update? Click on the Like Button (see the example below) and select the option that says “Get Notifications” – if a user does this on your brand’s page, then they’ll receive a notification every time you update. The more users that get these notifications – the more engagement your posts will have.

Facebook Notifications

Most users don’t know about this functionality. Let your fan following know that this is the best way that they can keep up with your brand.

Use Call To Actions

Call to Actions (CTAs) aren’t just for your website, they should also be used in your social messaging. Ask your users to like and share content that they enjoy. Ask them their opinions and engage back with them. Social media isn’t one-way dialogue. That type of advertising is antiquated. It’s all about two-way communication now.

Engage With Your Fans

Be sure to like and comment back on any messages that your fans leave on your page. People are much more likely to have continued engagement with a brand when that brand interacts with them. You always want to be building your relationship with your customers and clients, and social engagement is a great place to do that!

These tips will help you get started increasing your brand’s reach on Facebook, but if you still have questions about social media, that’s what we’re here for! We offer free consultations for all potential clients. Let us excite your brand’s following!

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