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2019 Social Media Trends to Watch

Where is social media headed in 2019? What will the 2019 social media trends be? The ever-evolving landscape of social media marketing is changing so quickly. It’s hard to keep up with what is and what can be the most effective.

Looking ahead at what we see as the emerging 2019 social media trends, we’ve put together a list of the top 5 areas that we believe will be the most integral to brand success on social platforms. Take a look below.

Social Media Trends

2019 Social Media Trends

Video Content
It’s no secret that the algorithms of the most popular social media platforms tend to favor video content over just text. However, beyond that, “in-the-moment” content is winning out over highly produced content. With the addition of Stories on platforms like Instagram and Facebook, we’re seeing that one of the key ways to share content – is actually through Stories.

How does this translate to something that can benefit your brand? It means that there is an increased focus on the people and personalities behind your brand. Use that advantage to spotlight your brand’s company culture, star employees, or top influencers. It not only takes advantage of the algorithms – but it also gives you the chance to connect with your audience – clients/customers, and potential clients/customers on a human level.

Personality and Authenticity

Part of social media is being social! When a follower comments on your content, respond and engage in conversation. Creating relationships with your audience is vital on social media especially now, when consumers have more options than ever.

Authenticity is also essential with your audience and goes hand-in-hand with showcasing your brand’s personality. You want your audience to know your brand’s values and voice – and you want to be transparent and conversational in order to build trust.

This trend ties into the last one as well – personal branding with your employees gives a real, human face to your brand. It makes the brand more relatable, trustworthy, and fun.

Private Accounts and Groups

While we don’t recommend making your brand’s account private, we can’t deny that we are seeing a trend with some accounts switching over to private – to create more interest and also it appears to bypass some of the algorithms. Users love exclusivity, and making an account private creates the feelings of fear and envy (FOMO – Fear Of Missing Out) that social media so heavily contributes too.

If you consider doing this – make it a secondary group or account for your brand’s most loyal following. This profile could provide more “insider” access to your brand and what’s going on behind-the-scenes.

Micro influencers

Influencers with less than 10,000 followers are experiencing a lot of success right now with brands. More affordable than the larger social media influencers, these micro influencers are considered experts in their niche. They’re also considered to be more down-to-earth and trustworthy by their followers.

It’s no longer about who has the highest following count. It’s about who has the highest engagement rates with the best content. (We always point back to the age-old saying – it’s about quality – not quantity). We expect a lot of brands to pick up this shift in 2019.

Employee Advocacy

Have employees that truly love your brand? Look at what they’re posting on social media. They’re building brand awareness and engagement for you in a way that is authentic and organic. We believe that employee advocacy is the next iteration we will see for influencer marketing.

The best way to take part in this trend? Find your brand’s biggest champions, enable them, and amplify them.

Need help implementing some of the trends in 2019? Reach out to us for a free consultation, we’d love to opportunity to help take your brand’s social media to the next level.

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