doug sprinkle

Compressing what Doug does down to one bite: he’s a problem solver, with a distinct love of branding.

Equal parts analytical and intuitive, with a healthy dose of passion, he brings more than 14 years in the design field across multiple agencies and corporate environments.

With an emphasis on Branding and Retail Design, Doug has shaped brands both big and small — from startups to Fortune 50 corporations. He also happens to be a socially-capable nerd, with an appreciation for (and experience with) a great many things. Even puns. Like, a lot of puns.

“I tend to view design as part art, part function – all wrapped up in psychology. Know your end goal, your audience, your client and your team. And make them all glad to engage.”

His portfolio includes creative execution and direction with The Home Depot, Phillips, Honeywell, KraftMaid, Bosch and more.